Proven Coaching Strategies that Maximize Success


I believe that the greatest predictor of future success is past success.

While each client is unique, there is one common denominator – each client has a goal or set of goals, and needs help to achieve those goals.

The job of a Master Coach is to help the client pinpoint his or her goals and work together on a plan for success.

It is wonderful when everything falls into place for a client and success is easy. I find it equally gratifying when I’m able to help a struggling client to achieve a personal breakthrough.

I am proud to present the following client testimonials.*

“It is a great pleasure to recommend Linda Yort! I have worked with her as an adjunct coach and faculty for several years at the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego. She has many compelling and notable qualities that make her highly desired on a number of our projects. First as an adjunct executive coach, I have seen her work her magic with our program participants consistently achieving some of the highest participant ratings at CCL.

Her ability to ask provocative questions that really get those that she coaches to think and process at a deeper level is a gift! She has the ability to read people well and help them take an amazing amount of personal data and help guide them towards practical solutions. Her experience as a master coach shows through with every client that is blessed to get her as a coach!

She is also one of a very select number of our adjuncts that also facilitates our Looking Glass Experience (LGE) program. I have co-facilitated several of those simulation based programs with her over the years and she demonstrates the ability to connect well with participants in the large classroom setting as well as lead the small groups with a focus on helping participants to understand the impact of their behavior on others as a leader.

She always gets rave reviews from her small groups for the ability to create a safe environment for learning and to help them see how group dynamics play out in organizations. I fully endorse Linda for any client or company that is looking to have a facilitator or coach with the skill, insight and experience to make a visible difference in the lives of those she touches!”
– Sr. Facilitator and Design Consultant, Center for Creative Leadership

“I have known Linda Yort, both personally and professionally, for almost 30 years.  She is a faculty member of the Cornerstone International Executive Coaching Division.   Linda builds trust very quickly, supporting the client in accelerating learning and moving forward in their development.   Her positive spirit is very reassuring.   Linda is especially skilled at interpreting individual and 360 assessments to apply the learning to practical and strategic action in the workplace. She assists both the client and the organization in making the best decisions regarding the future.   At PacifiCare she worked with a diverse group, including HR staff, who can be difficult clients.  She received high marks on all her evaluations.”
– President, Cornerstone International Executive Coaching Division, Former Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development, PacifiCare Health Systems

“I sought Linda’s services as a certified mentor coach to hone my coaching skills for ICF-PCC certification. Linda’s expertise and years of experience both as a master coach and an assessor showed up right from the start. Thanks to her facilitation, a deeper level of understanding and applying ICF competencies began to shape my practice. Equally outstanding is her caring and attentive manner to the totality of the mentor-mentee relationship. I would highly recommend Linda as both a master coach and as an assessor.”
– Certified Mentor Coach and Assessor Client

“Linda Yort was one of the Master Coaches and Mentor Coaches that led the Cornerstone International Group Coach Certification program during 2010-2011.  Her style is listening, understanding and encouraging the person she is coaching to identify and consider their options, and arrive at appropriate conclusions.  Linda creates a comfortable environment and provides insight in a very positive manner.  She definitely is one of those people you “want in your corner.”
– President, Cornerstone International Group

” I have known Linda Yort, MCC since we both became ICF Master Certified Coach in 1999. Linda is an Excellent “Mentor Coach” and is certified as one. Also for the last 10 years (or more) she has been one of the evaluators for ICF, which is a real plus for anyone who she mentors. I use Linda to Mentor Coach all my coaching skills training  students.  She is the best! ”
Master Certified Coach Associate 

“Having known, observed and worked professionally with Linda for several years, I can say unequivocally she is one of the most professional, experienced and effective Mentor Coaches in the field today. Her masterful ability to connect, relate, question and support is unparalleled. She is one of the best in the business. If you are fortunate enough to work with Linda, you have found a true gem!”
– Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Costa Mesa, CA

“Linda and I have been working together for three years now, and I’ve known her altogether more than 10 years. I continue to schedule next sessions and show up for our conversations, because I know it will  make an important difference in how I handle and what I learn from my weeks, week by week. She is one of the most present, compassionate, astute and articulate coaches I know. And she asks consistently great inquiry questions, which keep me focused on what’s really most important, and thoroughly engaged in actively moving forward toward the realization of my life vision.”
– Certified Mentor Coach Client, California

“Linda Yort’s coaching expertise has been a mainstay of our leadership development offerings for many clients, including BP and the EPA. Participants develop strong, trusting learning relationships with her.  She has the skill and experience to handle the resistant clients, yet the wisdom and attention to support those who are eager to manage their own learning. Linda is the perfect coach.”
– Leadership Center Executive, San Diego, CA

“Linda’s guidance helped me to find/identify goals to be a leader. I am very optimistic about developing my leadership skills.”
– Student, Insight Session Evaluation

“Working with Linda was very helpful in understanding my current situation. It was one of the best conversations I’ve had about my career and direction in the future.
– Coaching Client

“I felt at ease and able to share myself freely with Linda right from the start. Goal setting is difficult for me and she really helped me set two goals that I feel really proud and excited about.”
– Coaching Client

” Amazing experience. Far exceeded my expectations. Linda was extremely helpful and guided me to amazing insights that I feel were a long time in coming.  Thank you , Linda for what I hope I can make into a life changing experience.”
– Coaching Client

“Linda was awesome! Felt relieved when she listened to my story. Her listening skills made me feel at ease, and then we discussed attainable next steps. I honestly don’t believe we would have ended up where we did if she didn’t listen! I felt prepared for this; and thought Linda was spot on with her assessment. I appreciated her preparation for the session.”
– Coaching Client

*Names removed to ensure confidentiality.

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